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Teacher Downloads

Investigating Sustainable Transport

Investigating Sustainable Transport is a free research-based resource created by Centro to engage students in investigating transport issues in their local area.

This KS3 geography and citizenship resource has been designed to help increase students' awareness of how transport affects everyday life and how we can all work together to help make it a more sustainable system for all.

We have created this resource as a series of 9 connected 'lessons', structured into 2 sections: Investigating Sustainable Travel and an HS2 Mini-Study. HS2 is a planned high speed rail network which will have Birmingham at the centre. Supporters of HS2 say this would help to make the West Midlands far better connected to both London and other areas of the country, such as Glasgow and Edinburgh, and also enable easier access to mainland Europe.

There is also an editable version of the Students' Workbook, which can be filled in online and saved.