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  • Latest regional road transport consumption statistics show the West Midlands Metropolitan area uses approximately 1.14 million tonnes of fuel a year, a slight increase from the previous year. Cars represent 64% of the total fuel consumption with petrol cars representing the largest share at 42% and 22% for diesel cars.
  • Buses represent only 7% and goods vehicles have increased to 29% from 27% of the total road transport consumption.
  • Statistics for the UK show broadly the same trend as the West Midlands with cars representing 60% of total fuel consumption and buses only 4%.
Car Ownership


  • Comparing fuel prices in April 2012 with prices in April 2011 shows that there has been an increase in prices per litre for diesel, super and premium unleaded.
  • Super unleaded has increased by 7p, premium unleaded by 7p and diesel by 6.6p.

Source: Centro Annual Statistical Report 2012