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  • The total number of passenger journeys in 2011/12 was 286.1 million. This includes 1.5 million journeys made on accessible transport.
  • Concessionary travel in 2011/12 was 91.3 million and non-concessionary travel was 194.8 million.
  • Comparing bus patronage across Passenger Transport Executives (PTE) shows that bus patronage has decreased in all PTE areas apart from West Yorkshire.
  • Bus patronage per head of population remains the highest in Tyne & Wear with 12.4 million passenger journeys per 100,000 people followed by the West Midlands with 10.8 million, Merseyside with 10.1 million, Greater Manchester 8.6 million, South Yorkshire with 8.3 million and West Yorkshire with 8 million.
Bus Passenger Journeys


  • Bus passenger journeys made in 2011/12 was 286.1 million
  • Non-concessionary passenger journeys: 194.8 million
  • Concessionary passenger journeys: 91.3 million
  • 1,499,729 passenger trips were made using accessible door-to-door bus services
  • nNetwork total ticket sales have increased by 9.3%
  • nBus total ticket sales have increased by 74.3%
  • Senior Citizen Pass take up rate is 95.6%

Source: Centro Annual Statistical Report 2012